Cé Tusa? (Éadaí) | Rebecca The Irish Teacher Range

Cé Tusa? (Éadaí) | Rebecca The Irish Teacher Range

Primary Gaeilge resources

Use these Cé Tusa? (Éadaí) | Rebecca The Irish Teacher Range as a ‘Guess Who’ style game designed to get children TALKING and having fun as Gaeilge. 

This resource can be used in conjunction with your ‘Éadaí’ topic or as a general revision game too.

The children select a character from the images provided and stick them onto their ‘Cé Tusa’ board. From their they can ask their partner questions about the character that they have, for example, ‘an bhfuil sciorta uirthi?’ They continue to ask each other questions until they have figured out which character their partner has.

Children can be extended or encouraged to use the colours too when asking about the clothes or about the character’s appearance. It can be used however you wish to extend or revise.

There are some options of playing boards with different phrases on them to help children phrase their questions too.

There is a blank version too for children to draw their own character to play with in this game, if they so wish.

A great way for the children to use their Gaeilge by using the relevant vocabulary and phrases.

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