Lunar New Year

Chinese and Lunar New Year resources, crafts, worksheets and activities for EYFS & KS1.

Chinese New Year worksheets and Lunar New Year worksheets to help you save time and teach with confidence! Helpful Chinese New Year facts and Lunar New Year facts to share with children, to help them understand about other cultures, perhaps as part of the EYFS Understanding the World strand. With Chinese New Year resources including worksheets and word searches, Chinese New Year dragon crafts and lantern crafts, this is a great topic to inspire children to learn and be engaged with the Lunar New Year.

How do I teach about the Chinese and Lunar New Year?

Start off by introducing how the Lunar new year is celebrated around the world. with our information PowerPoint, packed full of useful information, and presented in an age-appropriate way, with lots of brightly coloured photos and key facts that children can easily digest. Then you can introduce the story of the Lunar New Year with this story of the Lunar New Year information PowerPoint, this has been simplified for EYFS children, but we do have another slightly more complex Chinese New Year story version here that you could use with older children.

Chinese and Lunar New Year Maths resources

Teach about the Lunar new year across the curriculum with our Chinese and Lunar new year maths resources. Our Chinese New Year EYFS maths booklet is aligned with the EYFS framework, and has lots of fun maths activities that children can do independently, or as part of your provision set-up.

Chinese and Lunar New Year EYFS resources

Get some fresh ideas for teaching in EYFS with our EYFS Chinese New Year planning overview, all linked to the EYFS framework, with loads of ideas for Chinese and Lunar new year in EYFS.

Chinese and Lunar New Year KS1 resources

Celebrating Lunar and Chinese New Year doesn’t have to just be in EYFS, there are loads of applications to KS1 as well, and can be extended across the curriculum. Our Chinese New Year KS1 reading comprehension activity is a great way to teach children about Chinese and Lunar new year, whilst teaching key comprehension skills as well.

Chinese and Lunar new year maths resources

Children love learning about the Chinese counting system, and it’s also a good way to introduce algebraic concepts – children literally won’t know they’re doing a form of algebra! This Chinese number matching game requires children to remember the Chinese characters for each number, and match them to the numerals. Brilliant! You can also further introduce the concept of Chinese numbers with this Chinese numbers colouring activity, ideal for provision areas too. Children can also learn to write the Chinese numbers with this Chinese number tracing activity.

Chinese and Lunar new year craft ideas

We have loads of handy resources for Chinese and Lunar new year craft ideas and can’t wait to share them with you! Try out our Chinese New Year fortune cookie craft template, a great way to induce children to write as they write an affirmation or wish to go inside the fortune cookie. This is a really easy craft that children of all ages can do.

Another easy craft is our Chinese New Year lantern template, this comes in lots of designs and can also be coloured in before making the craft. These look brilliant out on display in your classroom and can even be hung on a piece of string across your classroom ceiling. We love this craft! Finally, children will really enjoy doing some colouring with our Chinese and Lunar New Year mindfulness colouring sheets, something for everyone!

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