Bonfire Night Addition Within 10 Maths Game

Ah! This Bonfire Night Addition Within 10 Maths Game  is by popular demand, and we think it’s pretty wonderful! Practise your number bonds within 10 with this fun Bonfire Night maths game, matching the answer to the question. This game will really motivate children to work on their number bonds within 10 in a fun and interesting way, all linked to Bonfire Night of course!

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3 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Addition Within 10 Maths Game”

  1. Lucy Corbishley

    This is great for my Low ability Year 1s. It would be great if you could make it editable – or make one to 20 and one 50 for my HA yr 1s and my Yr2 children aswell please.

  2. Mary Mactivity Post author

    Ah great idea! Thank you for your suggestion – we will add that to our list!

  3. Sam Arnold

    These resources were great with my daughter and very visual. They are easy to print out and the quality is good. I agree with other comments I would like to see these adapted to higher levels to enable me to use them in my school. A fun game that has helped greatly with my child’s math.

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