100 High Frequency Word Board Game – Unicorn Themed

100 High Frequency Word Board Game – Unicorn Themed

High frequency word games

Help children learn how to spell and read high frequency words using our 100 High Frequency Word Board Game – Unicorn Themed. Use a dice and counters to play the game by rolling a number and moving the counter around the board according to the number on the dice. Encourage the child to read the word that their counter lands on, if they read the word correctly they can stay where they are, and if not, they move back one place.

What are high frequency words?

High frequency words are words that appear very often in texts. Children will quicken their reading speed if they can easily recognise high frequency words without having to decode them. Sometimes the words can be decoded, and sometimes they can’t. So sometimes high frequency words can be tricky words AND common exception words as well! Children need to be able to spell these words correctly as well as read them.

Explore our high frequency words resources.

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