Ancient Egyptians Teaching Ideas

Time-saving ideas for teaching the Ancient Egyptians topic in KS2 including lesson presentations, worksheets and more!

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Are you studying the Ancient Egyptians as part of your KS2 history lessons? Do you want some inspiring, engaging and creative resources to use with your children? Then take a look at our fantastic presentations, worksheets and creative activities which will immerse your children into the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, with our Ancient Egyptians teaching ideas.

Pharaohs and pyramids primary resources

Pyramids and pharaohs teaching ideas

The pyramids are iconic symbols of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. This  pyramids and pharaohs presentation gives children an idea of how and why the pyramids were built. Use it to illustrate what the pyramids look like today and the skill that was required to build these huge structures. Look at some of the treasures that Howard Carter discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and follow this up with this fact file and diary writing activity. Children can even have a go at building their own pyramid models!

mummification teaching presentation

Mummification resources

No study of the Ancient Egyptians would be complete without learning about the process of mummification! Our mummification lesson presentation takes you step by step through the process (guts and all), and explains why the Egyptians took such care to preserve the bodies of the dead. This provides the perfect introduction to lots of creative activities linked to mummification.

Ancient Egypt Daily Life Lesson Presentation

Ancient Egyptians daily life teaching resources

Not only were the Ancient Egyptians master builders and famed for mummifying the dead, but they were also great inventors! They discovered ways to irrigate water for their farms, created make-up, paper, and developed  their own writing and number systems. Learn about their skills and everyday lives with this presentation on daily life in Ancient Egypt. With a mixture of colourful illustrations and real-life photographs, it offers a real insight into the lives of this ancient civilization.

Children can have a go at decoding hieroglyphics, and even become Ancient Egyptian make-up artists with these make-up activity sheets.

Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses Lesson Presentation

Gods and goddesses teaching resources

The Ancient Egyptians had very strong beliefs about the afterlife and the roles of their gods and goddesses. We have created a presentation to introduce the gods and goddesses. It shows how historians have learnt about the Egyptians’ religious beliefs from the statues, carvings and artwork discovered in the pyramids and tombs. We also have a gods and goddesses fact file activity so children can record the facts they have learnt and can even design their own god or goddess with this create your own god or goddess activity.

Literacy links to Ancient Egyptians

As well as lots of factfile and writing activities, we have created this exclusive and original Egyptians poetry comprehension and guided reading. It has differentiated questions so it can be adapted for use with Key Stage 1, Lower and Upper Key Stage 2 to match their learning objectives. The poem can also be used as a SPAG activity and WAGOLL to provide the pupils with a model of how to write their own poem.

Explore the rest of our Ancient Egypt resources here.


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